John Lee Dumas Presents

Free Podcast Course

John will teach you how to create and launch your podcast in this free course!


Your fast track to podcast launch

In less than 1 hour you'll learn how to...

  • Identify your podcast topic: uncover your Zone of Fire, where your passions and expertise intersect!
  • Find your perfect listener: when you know exactly who you're speaking to, growth becomes inevitable
  • Choose your podcast format: interview-based, topic-based, Q&A, seasons... daily, weekly? Which is best and why?
  • ​Nail your podcast name & logo: let's make sure your podcast audience resonates with your branding
  • ​Find the best podcast equipment: we'll share the top equipment & software recommendations for every budget
  • ​Record, edit, & upload: the full production process - from start to finish!
  • Your media host: why you need one, and what we recommend - plus, how to get started with uploading your episodes!
  • ​Submitting to Apple Podcasts: now it's time to launch! How to submit to the major directories so you're LIVE! 
  • ​The Perfect Launch plan & what's next: watch our free 1-hour Podcast Masterclass for an overview of everything we covered in Free Podcast Course PLUS the perfect launch plan, the top 5 ways to grow your podcast, and the top 5 ways to monetize!

Meet John Lee Dumas (JLD)

JLD is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award-winning podcast where he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. 

With over 2700 episodes live, 1 million + listens per month, and 7-figures in annual net revenue, JLD is just getting started. 
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